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Rebecca's Iris

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  • We are Located On The White River

    Iris - Whispering
    The Flower Gardens have something blooming from spring to fall

    April In Paris

    We have Walking Paths & Flower Gardens to wonder thru.
    A Pond, Seasonal Water fall
    and lots of setting areas to just relax & enjoy the Beauty.

    Crazy For You
    The end of April Thru the end of May is the best time to see the Iris in Bloom.

    Broken Dreams
    Parking is Limited so Please Call for a reservation if you would like to tour the Gardens.

    Bateau Ivre

    Path to Waterfall

    The path leads to a hideaway that glows with warm delight.
    Such joy lives in quiet settings, like the garden.
    Where there is time to enjoy the day.
    Your heart sees only the beauty and time stands still!

    Spring Waterfall

    Fall -Waterfall

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